Site Updates

  • 5/17/2023 - Housekeeping
    I reworked the entire site yet again.  I've learned quite a lot since my last rework about how to use the web creation software and I wanted to tweak the layout and fix a ton of bad links.  As a result there may be new artwork that can now be viewed. But unfortunately I don't know which ones they were to list them here.  

  • 4/25/2020 - New Art
    I finally go around to doing a much needed update.  First item... I decided it was time to get an Instagram account.  Check it out for doodles, things done for fun and sketchbook pieces that aren't put on this site. 
    I've also added some new artwork....
    Luna Friends
  • 03/06/2019 - Making the place pretty again.  
    Reworked the entire site into something that hopefully looks and works better. The last program I used was too restrictive, so I'm trying another. Please be patient while I work out all the quirks and please let me know if anything doesn't work.
    Artwork Added..... Christmas Temptation  - Something from 2013 that I forgot to add.
    New Artwork - Forest Spirits - On the Fantasy Art Page
  • 9/ 9 /2018 - Disaster strikes...
    Well the last update was a disaster and took the whole site down. I've re-encoded all the pages and reloaded things. Please excuse any inconsistencies with layout, fonts, and minor graphics. I'm using a new program to do this and I'm still working out the quirks. I also wanted to get things back up and running as quickly as possible. I'm also still working on getting all the pages up. I'll hopefully get them up within the next couple of days.

Past Updates

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