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Iellstia Portrait

Iellstia Portrait

Medium: Watercolor Pencils
Size: 5" x 5"

This is Iellstia, nicknamed Iella. Just to avoid some confusion I probably should explain that she can transform into a fairy-like creature & has a spell cast on her at some point which makes her basically have vibrant red hair. So if you see several different looking characters with her name just know it's the same person.

Finished sometime in August of 2009. This was a quasi experiment using watercolor pencils on bristol. Overall I guess it's ok. This was draw in a 5"x5" format to help speed along the drawing process. Due to the inability to get the rich colors I wanted, it actually took longer... Oh well. Also due to the small size it came out a bit grainier and less detailed than I would have liked. I'm also still developing her look as a character, so I apologize if she keeps looking slightly different in every pic of her.

Print available.

Drawing reference... lisa-jen stock