The World of Miantrodon

.... in a land of troubled times can seem futile and not worth living.
This is not what keeps me going. It is Hope...
  Hope for a future that is bright. Free from these troubled times of war, oppression, and...
  This hope is a gift I sometimes wish I didn't have."

Isreilora Cratonion ...last known survivor of the royal purge. 

Welcome to world of Miantrodon. A place in my mind where a whole world of beings live and die in the
struggle against evil, tyranny, and the boredom of everyday life.  Here I have illustrated little glimpses into their world.
  This gallery is small for now, but will grow in the future. Most of the artwork I have done are *really* bad early works or extremely rough sketches that aren't fit for viewing by human eyes. So please be patient while I redraw them and create some new ones.

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